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l’Association pour la microbiologie
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Thank you for joining us on our virtual conference journey.


The Scientific Planning Committee worked hard on developing a meeting with broad-based appeal. We strive to bring cutting edge topics and engaging high-level speakers to the meeting to ensure excellent scientific discussion.

Topics covering tuberculosis, machine learning, clinical controversies in infectious diseases, diagnostic microbiology and vaccines, and hot topics in diagnostic microbiology, adult and pediatric infectious diseases are being prepared.

Planning Committees

Central Planning Committee (CPC)

Tanis Dingle
Sarah Forgie

Scientific Planning Committee Co-Chairs
Christine Turenne
Susan Poutanen
Robert Kozak

Carmen L. Charlton
Andrew Simor

Sponsorship Committee Co-Chairs
Jeff Fuller
Shariq Haider

Abstract Co-Chairs
Christian Lavallée
Christopher Lowe

Committee Members
Carmen L. Charlton
Agatha Jassem
Todd Hatchette
Deborah Yamamura

Scientific Planning Committee (SPC)

Christine Turenne
Susan Poutanen
Robert Kozak

Committee Members
Agatha Jassem
William Connors
Esther Nagai
Melanie Di Quinzio
Samir Patel
Ramzi Fattouh
Vanessa Tran
Valentina Russell
Jennie Johnstone
Danielle Brabant-Kirwan
Christian Lavallée
Farhan Khan
Christopher Lowe
David Patrick
Peter Pieroni
Earl Rubin
Joanne Salmon
Yoko Schreiber
Prameet M. Sheth
Kathy Malejczyk
Glenn Patriquin
Marthe Charles
Philippe Lagacé-Wiens
Catherine Hogan

Sponsorship Committee

Jeff Fuller
Shariq Haider

Committee Members
Dwight Ferris
Don Vinh
Titus Wong
Deborah Yamamura


All abstracts have been published in a conference supplement in Journal of the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada

Merit Awards


  • 2019 AMMI Canada Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Jay Keystone

  • 2019 AMMI Canada Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Daniel Gregson

  • AMMI Canada Young Investigator Award

2019  Manish Sadarangani 
2020 – Matthew Cheng

  • AMMI Canada Trainee Research Award

2019 – Samuel Chorlton 
2020 – Alice Zhaborkritsky

  • 2020 JAMMI Trainee Scientific Article Award

Brittany Kula (Manuscript – Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in intensive care: epidemiology, outcomes, and antimicrobial susceptibilities)

  • 2019 AMMI Canada bioMérieux Post Residency Fellowship in Microbial Dignostics

Jonathan Kotwa 

  • 2021 CACMID Award for Leadership in Syndromic Infectious Disease Testing Award

Dr. Marek Smieja

  • 2020 John G Fitzgerald CACMID Outstanding Microbiologist Award

Dr. Michael Maulvey

  • 2021 John G Fitzgerald CACMID Outstanding Microbiologist Award

Dr Alison McGreer

  • Dr. John M Email Mentorship Award In Infectious Diseases

2020 – Marcel Behr 
2021- Todd Lee

  • CFID Dr. Juan A. Email Award for Excellence in Infectious Diseases

2020 – Alexander Lawandi (Manuscript – In vitro synergy of beta-lactam combinations against KPC- producing Klebsiella pneumonia strains)
2021 – Georges Ambaraghassi (Manuscript – Identification of Candida

  • CFID Undergraduate Summer Student Research Grant

2020 – Jonathan Chung (Project – Improving the success of Pseudomonas aeruginosa eradication in children with Cystic Fibrosis)
2020 – Leslie Fell (Project – Investigation of risk factors for well water contamination)
2021 – Syed Zain Ahmad (Project – Assessment of Empiric Management Practices of Common Infections in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients)
2021 – Amaanat Gill (Project – Examining the HIV risks and associated factors among male clients of female sex workers (FSW) in Dnipro, Ukraine)

  • AMMI Canada Medical student Research Award

2020 – Jemma Finlayson-Trick (Project – The Composition of guy bacteria, with an emphasis on pathogens, in anemic women living in Cambodia following intervention with a new iron supplement)
2021- Vinya Harish (Project – A Geographical Analysis of Four Tropical Infections in Ontario)

  • Altona Diagnostics Canada Medical Student Research Award

2020 – Siena David (Project – Impact of a provincial hepatitis C elimination strategy on treatment accessibility and outcomes for member of vulnerable populations)
2021 – Sonia Lgboanugo (Project – Treatment of intestinal protozoa in pregnancy: A systematic review of maternal, fetal infant outcomes)

Poster Awards
  • AMMI Canada Poster Award
Qaasim Mian (SP38: Prevention of COVID-19 in internally displaced persons camps in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo: a mixed-methods study)


  • CACMID Poster Award
Alexa Thompson (SP10: A nine-month evaluation of a prenatal universal screening program for Hepititis C (HCV) in Alberta, Canada)
Kayar Mehta (SP02: Antiviral use among Canadian children hospitalized for influenza 2010-2019)


  • CACMID Student Oral Presentation Award
Laura Burnes (A02: Clinical Characteristics, management, and outcomes of patients with indeterminate Clostridioides difficile tests using a modified 2-step algorithm)


  • Canadian College of Microbiologists (CCM) Poster Award
Alainnna Jamal (SP26: The genomic epidemiology of carbapenemase-producing enterobacterales (CPE) at a healthcare facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada)


  • Canadian College of Microbiologist (CCM) Dr. Kenneth Rozee Memorial Poster Award
Kevin Kuchinski (SP09: Recovering influenza genomes from wild bird habitats for better again flu surveillance)


  • Dr. Susan King Paediatric Abstract Award
Estell Morin (SP23: Management and outcome of febrile neutropenia in admitted presumed immunocompetent patients with suspected viral illness)