Thank you to all Delegates, Sponsors and Exhibitors who participated in this years Annual Conference.

The conference platform, including all the posters and session recordings, are available to all who registered and attended the conference, until June 31, 2022.


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    Congratulations to the all the award recipients.

    Merit Awards

    AMMI Canada Lifetime Achievement Award – Fiona Smaill & Scott A. Halperin

    AMMI Canada Distinguished Service Award – Geoffery Taylor & Daniel B. Gregson

    John G. Fitzgerald – CACMID Outstanding Microbiologist Award – Lorne Tyrrell

    CCM Distinguished Microbiologist Award – Marc Desjardins

    CFID Dr. John M. Embil Mentorship Award in Infectious Diseases – Craig Lee

    CFID Dr. Juan A. Embil Award for Excellence in Infectious Diseases Research – Jennifer Losie

    Association Awards

    AMMI Canada New Investigator Award – Nadine Kronfli

    JAMMI Trainee Published Manuscript Award – Alice Zhabokritsky Manuscript: Association between initial symptoms and subsequent hospitalization in outpatients with COVID-19: A cohort study

    CFID Undergraduate Summer Research Grant – Subin Park

    ALTONA Diagnostics Canada Medical Student Research Award – Julia Luo

    AMMI Canada Medical Student Research Award – Julia Cahill

    VERITY/CFID Travel Award in Infectious Diseases – Jason Zou

    Dr. Susan King Paediatric Abstract Award – Sandra Isabel

    AMMI Canada – CACMID Annual Conference Student Poster and Oral Award

    AMMI Canada Poster Award – Guadalein Tanunliong – SP11: Age-associated seroprevalence of antibodies against six human coronaviruses: Population-based sero-surveys in 2013 and 2020

    CACMID Poster Award – Aidan Nikiforuk & Christina Wong – SP05  Performance of Immunoglobulin G Serology on Finger Prick Capillary Dried Blood Spot Samples to Detect a SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Response – SP60  Assessing the limit of detection of Candida auris using Micronostyx Colorex Candida Plus agar and polymerase chain reaction

    CACMID Student Oral Presentation Award – Rand Al Ohaly – A04: A comparison between EMR and paper-based health records in time to administration of first dose of IV antibiotics

    CCM Poster Award – Katya Douchant – SP43: A commensal bacteria derived protein protects mice from Clostridioides difficile disease in vivo

    CCM Dr. Kemmeth Rozee Memorial Poster Award – Keilin Gorman – SP22: Procedure Development for Biofilm Growth from Multi-Drug Resistant Clinically Isolated Bacteria

    Planning Committees

    Central Planning Committee (CPC)

    Tanis Dingle
    Sarah Forgie

    Scientific Planning Committee Co-Chairs
    Susan Poutanen
    Robert Kozak

    Carmen L. Charlton
    Andrew Simor

    Sponsorship Committee Co-Chairs
    Jeff Fuller
    Shariq Haider

    Abstract Co-Chairs
    Christian Lavallée
    Christopher Lowe

    Committee Members
    Carmen L. Charlton
    Agatha Jassem
    Todd Hatchette
    Deborah Yamamura

    Scientific Planning Committee (SPC)

    Susan Poutanen
    Robert Kozak

    Committee Members
    Agatha Jassem
    William Connors
    Esther Nagai
    Melanie Di Quinzio
    Samir Patel
    Ramzi Fattouh
    Vanessa Tran
    Valentina Russell
    Jennie Johnstone
    Danielle Brabant-Kirwan
    Christian Lavallée
    Farhan Khan
    Christopher Lowe
    David Patrick
    Peter Pieroni
    Earl Rubin
    Joanne Salmon
    Yoko Schreiber
    Prameet M. Sheth
    Glenn Patriquin
    Marthe Charles
    Philippe Lagacé-Wiens
    Catherine Hogan

    Sponsorship Committee

    Jeff Fuller
    Shariq Haider

    Committee Members
    Dwight Ferris
    Don Vinh
    Titus Wong
    Deborah Yamamura

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    There are only suites available. Please phone  604-331-1000.