All abstract and case report dispositions have been communicated via email to the submitting author. If you have not received notice of your abstract or case report disposition, please email

  • If a presenting author withdraws an abstract/case report after the registration deadline or does not attend the session for which they have been scheduled, the author will be prohibited from presenting an abstract/case reports at the AMMI Canada-CACMID Annual Conference for a period of three (3) years. Those subject to this penalty will be informed in writing.


Student Oral, Oral and Case Report Oral Presentation Instructions

*Instructions and schedules updated as of March 8, 2023

Student Poster, Case Report Poster, and Poster Presentation Instructions

All posters are to be printed and presented in-person at the 2023 conference. To streamline sharing poster content with registered delegates, all posters are also to be uploaded as PDFs for registered delegates to access on the virtual platform. To do so we need everyone to upload a PDF of their completed poster no later than March 17th. Please see instructions below.

In-Person Poster Board Instructions

  • The maximum allowable poster size for each presenter is 44” high/tall x 45” wide
    (Each poster surface will be split between two presenters).
  • Velcro (male side) and pin friendly
  • Should you require assistance onsite, please visit the team at the registration desk.

Oxford Platform Poster/Case Report Upload Instructions
(only PDFs accepted)

  1. When you log in to your Oxford Abstracts Account you will see your poster is marked incomplete.
  2. Skip to page 2 and upload your final poster in a PDF format.
  3. Once finished uploading PDF, skip to page 6.
  4. Select “SUBMIT” at the bottom right-hand side.
  5. Once you have selected submit you will be taken back to the amendment page.
  6. You have now completed uploading a PDF of your poster. You can close your browser. You will receive an email confirmation

*Instructions and schedules updated as of March 8, 2023

Should you need assistance or clarification please contact
or call 1-866-467-1215 ext 104