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l’Association pour la microbiologie
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Privacy Policy

Privacy of personal information is an important principle to the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease (AMMI) Canada. We are committed to collecting, using, and disclosing personal information responsibly and only to the extent necessary for the appropriate provision of the services we provide to our members in our role as a professional association. The following describes our privacy policy.

What is personal information?

Personal information is information about an identifiable individual, including that which relates to his/her personal characteristics. Personal information is not to be confused with business information (e.g., an individual’s business address and telephone number).

The information you provide to AMMI Canada – such as your name, address etc. – allows AMMI Canada to inform you about events and activities and to notify you of issues, events or special offers which may be of interest to you. By becoming a member or by requesting information or registering for events or courses offered by AMMI Canada, you are giving AMMI Canada permission to contact you by way of the information you provide. Members can customize their communication preferences by contacting the AMMI Canada Secretariat at or 613.260.3233 ext 103.

Why we collect personal information: Primary purposes

For our members, the primary purpose we collect, use, and sometimes disclose personal information is to ensure our members qualify for membership with the association and that, once established as a member in good standing, we can provide general membership services and exclusive membership benefits and that we can communicate appropriately with them.

Examples of personal information we collect for this purpose include email address (if available), graduation year and institution, membership ID number (assigned by AMMI Canada) and preferred language of correspondence.

Like all professional associations, we collect, use, and sometimes disclose personal information in order to serve our members. At no time do we rent, sell, barter, exchange or distribute our membership list to any third party for commercial purposes.

We collect personal information related to or secondary to our primary purposes: Like most organizations, we collect, use, and disclose information for purposes related to or secondary to our primary purposes.

Invoicing and Payments: AMMI Canada invoices members for annual dues. In addition, AMMI Canada collects registration fees from members and non-members alike, for conferences and events.

Personal Information Collected (that is not already collected as part of the primary purpose):

  • payment details: personal/business cheques or credit cards, cash, account numbers and authorization
  • names, event choices and dietary preferences of members and guests registering to attend events

How will your personal information be protected?

Personal information shall be protected by security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. Security measures are in place at the AMMI Canada office, including locked doors and an alarm system on the building along with locked individual AMMI Canada offices. Computers are password protected and filing cabinets are kept locked when not in use. Software programs that detect security breaches are in place on all AMMI Canada computers.  

What happens in the event of a privacy breach?

If an unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of private information occurs, AMMI Canada will take immediate action to contain the breach. A risk assessment of the severity of the breach and the type of information accessed will occur. All liable parties affected by the breach (and in certain instances, even those unaffected) will be notified in writing. AMMI Canada will take additional steps to prevent future breaches.

You can look at your information

AMMI Canada members have the right to see what personal information we hold. A request must be made in writing and your identity must be confirmed before any information is given out.

Do you have any questions or concerns?

AMMI Canada’s Privacy officer will address any questions or concerns you may have: 

Riccarda Galioto
Executive Director
AMMI Canada
192 Bank Street,
Ottawa ON K1S 5B6

Telephone: 613-260-3233 x102