Association of Medical Microbiology
and Infectious Disease Canada

l’Association pour la microbiologie
médicale et l’infectiologie Canada



Association of Medical Microbiology
and Infectious Disease Canada

l’Association pour la microbiologie
médicale et l’infectiologie Canada

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Infectious Diseases Specialist / Medical Microbiologist

Cape Breton Regional Hospital - Sydney, NS

The Nova Scotia Government has outlined a vision for health care called Putting Patients First – Developingsolutions so all Nova Scotians get the care they need when they need it. Overall goals are to improve thehealth and wellness of Nova Scotians, provide safe and quality person centered care, and to create asustainable, effective and affordable provincial health system.

Over the course of the recent SARC-CoV-2 pandemic, additional clinical needs have been highlighted within the Eastern Zone (EZ) for enhanced clinical care provision, Infectious Diseases (ID)-specialized pandemic support, and for additional ID-related Medical Microbiology support.

The EZ is home to Cape Breton Regional Hospital (CBRH), which is the second largest hospital in Nova Scotia.  This facility provides most sub-specialized services houses a Level 2A ICU.  CBRH and zonal operations needs further Infectious Diseases support in the realms of clinical/inpatient service, Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) support, Antimicrobial Stewardship (AS), and physician-led Medical Microbiology leadership.  CBRH is home to a fully operational microbiology and diagnostic/pathology laboratory, which supports EZ and surrounding zones.


 To create and support an additional permanent 1.0 FTE component (for total 2.0 FTE in Sydney) for mixed Clinical-Medical Microbiology or full Clinical consultative service to the Infectious Diseases subdivision of the EZ Internal Medicine Department.



  1. FTE is funded in the EZ Department of Internal Medicine. Expectation to collaborate and contribute to relevant Departmental activities, meetings, and call requirements
  2. If Microbiology trained: provision of lab microbiologist oversight and consultation (currently supported by PhD Microbiology). Contribution to Med-Micro QA/QI activities and routine lab operations meetings. Cross-communication with Central Zone (Halifax) provincial lab operations
  3. Participation in clinical QI/QA initiatives with focus on site and inter-zonal Antimicrobial Stewardship, Sepsis response, and Infection Prevention and Control
  4. Works with appropriate representation from the zone’s health care facilities in setting the standards/guidelinesfor health services for the relevant to Infectious Disease; develops systems for monitoring performance tothese standards; develops and executes mitigation and improvement plans in the areas of non-performanceand develops action plans for issues
  1. Supports Occupational Health Wellness and Safety in communicable disease management and provides expert advice regarding vaccination programs


  1. Coverage of clinical ID-consultative inpatient service in cooperation with existing clinical ID 1.0 FTE (focus within the CBRH Sydney site)
  2. Provides phone consultative advice relevant to Specialty to other hospital sites and outpatient clinics present within the EZ
  3. Works in cooperation with Public Health to support clinical interventions and consultations related to outbreaks, sexually-transmitted infections (STI’s), and tuberculosis (TB) screening and treatment
  4. Contributes to care of persons with HIV, HCV eradication, and chronic HBV management
  5. Helps contribute to creation, design, and funding proposals for multi-disciplinary clinical functions for improvement of hospital Access-and-Flow (ie. OPAT, PICC line service, Wound Clinic, etc)


  1. MD with Infectious Diseases Sub-specialty (Royal College FRCPC completed or pending completion, or equivalent)
  2. Eligible for practice licensure in Nova Scotia
  3. Preferred: Dual-training for Clinical ID and Medical Microbiology. Pure Clinical ID applications still welcomed.

Please submit your expression of interest with cover letter and CV outlining your experience in relation to the accountabilities for the position.